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Award Winning Home Builder – HIA Custom Built Home (up to $600,000) WINNER

An architecturally designed home with custom finishes & joinery

This architecturally designed home was designed with every detail in mind. Custom finishes and joinery was a dream to work on. The owners were incredible to work with as we could work together to get the level of finish they wanted.

Our client had great ideas and together with the architect, we worked to create something very unique. The main feature was a large void creating a light and airy feeling. It provides a completely different vibe, it’s fresh and airy with heaps of light. Another feature is the laundry slot from the upstairs bathroom to the laundry downstairs. Aesthetically the house includes timbers and cladding.


Builders of Architecture for an Architect

The scope was simple, we want a custom home with detailed finishes, that’s small and yet feels large. The result was a family home with modern elements, efficiencies and a clever design that feels like a large space for the family.

This home had already had a bathroom and laundry renovation with the owners soon realising that if more work was required they would need the help of professionals. Working with Linda and Asanka on a previous project no time was wasted and planning commenced straight away. With Split Building never shy to work in with an owner, architect or other industry professional we’ve learned more about the industry and individual needs then ever imagined and in the case of this project, how well a redesign of the interior space can feel. This clever design incorporated additional storage, a theatre room, open plan kitchen, new dining space, study nook and garage converted into an office, large fly over pergola and most impressive only requiring a 12m2 extension.

Leura Blue Mountains

This home in the Blue Mountains has been designed to integrate the indoors with the outdoors and hold a comfortable temperature all year round.

This architecturally designed home follows the slope of the land, split over three levels.

This home was a knockdown rebuild. Damir’s philosophy is to build healthy, comfortable and durable homes that will last 100 years. Good materials and workmanship are key to this.
It took a year to complete construction and they moved in just before Christmas.

It was a difficult time to be building, due to COVID-19, and it all went to schedule. slopes east-west, with high surrounding hedges, creating a secluded private oasis. The original house was demolished, with minimal disturbance to the land, and a new 300m2 energy efficient home is energy efficient

Jordan Springs

A commercial fit out – from a blank canvas to a finalist in design awards

A design was brought to us to with confidence the project would be brought to life in time and within budget – the results speak for themselves and a beautiful long term relationship with the client, designers and architect was formed.

Space being a limitation, the design team proved once again that size dose not matter. At under 100m2 a conformable work space was achieved including four work stations, meeting room, kitchen, break out area storage and lounge area. Budget was a leading concern which is ironic as our clients Josh and Grant are a financial services group however this being a familiar situation we provided options, without sacrificing quality which again proved to be the success of this perfect little office project.


Flamezone & Passive House principles in the
Blue Mountains 

Building in the Blue Mountains often means building in bushfire zones. We wanted to build to the highest Bushfire zone in Australia – Flamezone, using Passive House principles

The house features high-raked ceiling with exposed rafters and herringbone to top it off.

It has exposed air conditioning ducts and polished concrete floors to give it a commercial feel, and vertical cladding externally and internally.

The master bedroom is four times the size of a normal bedroom for the parent’s escape or retreat, and the kitchen features a beautiful Bora stovetop which has an inbuilt rangehood which draws the steam downwards.

The winters in the mid mountains can get chilly, so we included a hanging Aurora fireplace that is a sculptural feature and warms the home, making it cosy and stylish.

Two of the children’s bedrooms are adjacent to the main living area. The bedrooms are hidden as the doors are flush. It’s a neat feature that’s functional and looks neat.

The outdoor kitchen makes barbecues easy to manage and to ensure the flies and mosquitos don’t ruin the parties we installed large outdoor fans in each outdoor area.

Passive house principles – we wanted to have a passive house home.
Because the budget was spent on the Flamezone requirements, there was a limited budget left. Although Passive House certification was over the budget, we did what we could. They included:

  • 140mm wall thickness for the Blue Mountains climate with as much insulation as we could put in the walls R2.5
  • Wall wrap / membrane to seal gaps, draughts and penetrations in the building envelope
  • Double glazed windows that had thermal bridging
  • R3.5 in ceilings and R1.2 sarking in the roof
  • Insulation under the slab on the ground to create a thermal bridge


From disaster to major lifestyle improvement

We received a call of distress just weeks before Christmas to find a home riddled with termites. Lucky our team is experienced with significant structural work and termites, and within six months we improved our client live’s forever.

Understanding our clients home is often their castle we had the awful job of advising a good portion of their beautiful family home was structurally damaged by termites. Our investigations, structural and termite reports and later finding’s revealed poor workmanship and design contributed to the failing structure. After processing the information again we took the steps to start the rebuild process and found we could better the original design and instal preventative measures. For owners Victoria and Geoff the priority with design was to ensure functionality and so the laundry and back deck was redesigned and within 6 months we had achieved this. The result is our client’s now get to resume with life and get to enjoy their home better than before.


Big changes for a growing family

At first, our client required just some help with the complex structure, which later turned into completing all the external cladding and roofing.

Renovations and extensions are always challenging, throw in two children under four and without an experienced compassionate team you may have a disaster on your hands. As well as using your designs we don’t mind stepping in to assist in portions of a build as was the case here for Sharron and Matt.  Our client’s scope with minimal budget was to extend the front, the side and the back whilst continuing to live in the property and we had to keep the place dust free. With clever management we got further into the project and in more detail then anticipated through communication and great teamwork. We now enjoy their Facebook posts of rooms being completed in their own time. The result is we have seen a home going from a temporary measure to being in trend and most importantly keeping up with the demands of a large family who’s still able to enjoy their neighbours and surrounding environment.

Windsor Downs

Just a small pergola

A now completed project thats been on a client’s mind for the past five years

Our client’s dream of out door entertaining had always been difficult to achieve until our paths crossed. A few modifications to the original design and a new building approval Julie and Damons life was to change. Our scope was to get the building up to a stage and Damon will complete etc rest, pics are still to come. The structure of 120m2 was married into the existing, window changed to entry doors, 190mm recycled hardwood timber posts and cladded partitions ready for the kitchen. The result is we’ve sparked the fire for Julie and Damon to complete their dreams and its nice getting updated on their project we’ve started.

Cambridge Park

The Granny Flat

Leanne came to us with excitement after learning that her parents would like to stay with her now requiring a granny flat. Her property was assessed and was suitable and so the planning phase began and in the end opted for a 6 star home with an gold rated “adaptable” home design. Throughout the build it was great that we really got to know both Mum & Dad, Leanne, her children, their partners and extended pet family. The design incorporated, double glazed windows, A.C, , roof, ceiling and wall insulation, flush floor surfaces, stone bench tops, glass splash backs, Built in robes, square set ceilings and double glazing windows all to provide the most comfortable home to live in. On the outside we tried to keep the theme as per the original dwelling late 70’s mid 80’s design features with durable cladding and steel roof to ensure this new dwelling’s not out of place. The result was and energy efficient home to which is a by product of a comfortable, healthy and well built home.

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