Builder Blue Mountains

Builder Blue Mountains

Is there any better feeling than living in a space that is completely your own? Once you have experienced life in a custom home, standard home designs simply can’t measure up. The team at Split Building have established a reputation as the best builder Blue Mountains has to offer, and our success comes down to three major factors.

We offer everything you need to ensure a smooth, enjoyable process – so if you’re ready to get started building a home you’ll love, click here to get in touch, or read on to find out more about working with us.

A Trustworthy Team

Given that your home is the most important financial asset you will ever own, you wouldn’t want to leave its design and construction to a team you couldn’t trust. A successful project starts with a solid relationship, and as a highly experienced builder Blue Mountains, we are well prepared to build both.

At Split Building, we provide access to a team of professionals who, together, make up a full-service operation. Many of our tradesmen, builders, architects and designers have more than 25 years of experience in the building industry, giving you the benefit of hard-won expertise across the board.

A Full-Service Operation

When you’re looking to hire a builder Blue Mountains, the right service offering should always be a crucial consideration. After all, you wouldn’t want to invest in one team and get part of the way through a project only to find that you need to contract another company (or several) for the next stage. That’s why the team at Split Building is proud to offer a full-service operation, including everything you need to transform your design into a fully developed home you love.

Beginning with conceptual design, we create realistic 3D designs of your home. These form the basis of your working drawings, which are then submitted for approval by the local authorities. These approvals set the build in motion, and while you look forward to your first experiences in your new home, we’ll be liaising with some of the best local consultants in the industry to bring the development to life. Finally, once all of the plans are in place, you will have the chance to watch your dream home come to life during the construction phase. For the right builder Blue Mountains, the satisfaction of bringing it all together never gets old!

A Full-Service Operation

The process of creating your dream home is high-stakes, which can create extra stress for you and your family, particularly if you’ve had a building company let you down in the past. From the foundations and aspect to the colour scheme, there’s a lot to think about – and, knowing just how much value you place on the finished product, we are committed to ensuring that you achieve your end goal and building your home as if it were for our own families. When you’re working with the right builder Blue Mountains and taking a collaborative approach, you won’t have to worry about any misunderstanding or mistake making its way into your brand new home.

When you’re looking for a builder Blue Mountains, the team at Split Building is ready to exceed your expectations. Our 25+ years of experience in the building industry has left us well prepared to execute any custom project to a high standard, and we’re looking forward to using our skills to your advantage.

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