• Buying land and building a home in the Blue Mountains Buying land and building a home can be exciting and tricky (if you don’t look out for some important things). Wh

  • 1. Expert Assistance Getting expert assistance in the early planning stages is a definite advantage. Experienced builders and building designers will work with you to explo

  • Split Building celebrated their success during the 2020 HIA-CSR NSW Housing and Kitchen & Bathroom Awards virtual presentation on Friday afternoon. The Faulconbridge ba

  • A “Passivehaus” TM Can be achieved with any Design Style or Building Budget. There are absolutely no restrictions on size or architectural styles, this is due to the fact t

  • High performance and efficient custom homes Imagine… Unprecedented comfort tailored exactly to your design style. Enjoy controlled temperature and humidity levels all

  • Many people believe that a custom home is beyond their budget.The truth is a custom home can be priced comparatively better than project builder homes one size fits all app

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